History of skiing in Valloire

In 1930, some young people of Valloire begin to practice the ski with servicemen. Six years later, the Parisian Ski Alpine Club (affiliated to the French Alpine Club) creates two ski schools in France: the first one in the Pyrenees, the second one in Valloire. Then, the village of Valloire becomes a ski resort with new hotels, boarding houses, shops, ice skating, dance hall etc. …

In 1938, the first lift is put up in the hamlet Les Granges. Then another ski-lift is created at the Grand Hotel. In 1970, the massif of Le Crey-du-Quart is equipped what doubles the ski area.

In 1974, the connection between Valmeinier and Valloire is created. Six years later, the building of the chairlift in Les Verneys allows to connect three valleys on 7 sides: Valloire, Valmeinier  and Les Verneys

The townhall decides to build in 1983 an artificial ice rink with the aim of diversifying leisure activities in the resort. An outdoor swimming pool is opened in 1988

The installation of snow machines begins in 1989. Today, more than 400 snow machines allow optimum snow conditions from December to April.

Numerous installations have been realized since 1999 such as the cable car of the Crêt de la Brive, the drag-lifts of the Sétaz, the chair-lift of the Moulin Benjamin, the chair-lift of the Brive 2, the chair-lift of the Lac de la Vieille, the snow park which is often classified as one of the best snowpark in European magazines…

A DVA Park (space of training in research in avalanches) is created in 2007 as well as the hands-free ski pass. In 2009, a village of iggloos is created on the ski area. Restoration and night animations are also set up.

The village of Valloire continues to implant snow-machines on the ski area and keeps on setting up numerous animations and services for the benefit of all.

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